Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OOTD: eighty nine

Baseball Top - Topman
Tartan Crop Top - Primark 
Wet Look Leggings - Topshop
Denim Jacket - Topshop
Bag - ASOS
Necklace - Topshop
Boots - River Island

As you can see this outfit post includes a slightly different background than the usual 'brick wall' that I have been using recently. I decided to venture out to take these photos, but just my luck after 5 minutes of being out there it decided to quite literally tip it down with rain, so they were a little rushed. I don't like how I'm looking quite moody in all of them, this wasn't intentional I think I was just having one of those days! It was also extremely windy so these were the only pictures that didn't have my fringe flying away or my eye's closed!
 I liked the outfit so thought I would post it on here anyway, this baseball top has had SO much wear out of it, it's so easy to throw on over patterned leggings or a pair of jeans. 
I added a bit of pattern with the tartan top underneath, and a bit of shine with the wet look leggings. This was very much a throw on a few things and see how it turns out sort of outfit, but I think it the end it worked well!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

SHOP THE TREND: pastel picks

New Look Pale Blue Pointelle Cropped Jumper 
Topshop Vinyl Edge Paint Satchel 
New Look Light Blue Textured Skater Dress 

Topshop Knitted Clean Rib Jumper 
Topshop Twist Lock Satchel 
ASOS Dr Martens Clemency Acid Yellow Lamper Boots 

As everyone already knows, pastels are coming back this season in full force!
I've put together some bits I've found through browsing online and separated them into colour sections. I love all these pastel colours, I think it's hard not to like these shades as they're so soft and easy to wear. My favourite is always mint green, anything mint green I am instantly attracted to. I love the pale yellows as well but I'm not sure how much of it I can get away with as I'm blonde I feel like it doesn't go with my hair!? Although I am lusting after the little yellow lock satchel from Topshop. 

What's your favourite colour out of these pastel shades?


Monday, 24 February 2014

miss selfridge: printed a-line mini skirt

Skirt - Miss Selfridge 
T-Shirt - Topshop
Necklace - Primark 
Denim Jacket - Topshop
Creepers - Primark

 I brought this skirt a month or so ago from Miss Selfridge, I didn't used to be a fan of the tighter mini skirts, but after they've become very popular in all styles and colours recently I have grown to love them again.
I love the pattern on this one, plus it's super comfy to wear!
I paired it up with the striped t-shirt, which even though they're two very different patterns, I thought contrasted quite well together. Is it me or do I look like I want to kill the camera in the last two pictures!?

I know I haven't blogged in a four or five days as I've been busy with family and starting a new job! After not blogging I feel strangely guilty, I feel like if you miss one or two days of posts in the blogging world your totally behind.
I have decided I'm going to get organised and plan ahead lots this week, still lots to get the hang of when it comes to blogging...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

LFW'14: favourite collections

Well I'm sure I'm not the only one that religiously stalked all of London Fashion Week over the past 5 days.. From looking through various blogger's photos and posts, it all looked amazing! Safe to say I am jealous of the lucky girls that got to go along! I would absolutely love to go myself so I've decided I am making that a personal aim for the future. 
Thought it would only be right to do a quick round-up of my favourite collections from the Autumn/Winter'14 season. 

Mary Katrantzou 
Mary is probably one of my favourite designers, I don't think there's been a collection of hers that I haven't liked! They're always so full of pattern (which draws me to anything) and also full of so much intricate detail and embellishment which adds so much quality. 
These pieces were gorgeous, with what I think was a clear 'church' inspired theme, the prints remind me of stained glass windows in cathedrals. 

House of Holland
I thought this collection was very diverse and included a variety of patterns and trends within it, but I think that's what makes it so interesting, and it's what Henry Holland does best! I particularly love the electric blue victorian style patterned dress.

Holly Fulton 
Yes, I know, I have gone for pattern again! But I just love this collection! I always love the graphic, bold prints that Holly Fulton does but this has to be my favourite that she has done so far. I like how she's mixed in her classic prints inspired by everyday objects with more classic, floral style patterns. The colour palette is so lovely too, the pastel blues and creams but the hint of dark maroon add's a bit extra. 

What were your favourite collections!?


Monday, 17 February 2014

feeling dotty

Polka Dot Shirt - New Look 
Joni Jeans - Topshop 
Necklace - Topshop 
Headscarf - Charity Shop
Cardigan - River Island Mens 
Nike - Nike Air Force 1's 

So I know these polka dot shirts were absolutely everywhere in the autumn/winter but I just haven't got bored of mine.. Its just such an easy shirt to throw on with any bottoms, tied up or loose, long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve, I love it!
I originally had one from Topshop but for some reason it ripped all the way down the middle, I had to return it and they had sold out of them by that point, then for Christmas my mum got me this one from New Look, which is pretty much identical!
The cardigan I cheekily 'borrowed' from my boyfriend (forever stealing his clothes), but it's so comfy and soft I couldn't resist!
I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of this head scarf in future posts as well, it's always such an easy thing to add to an outfit to add a bit more pattern or colour. 

Happy Monday everyone! 


Saturday, 15 February 2014

LFW'14: products to achieve the John Rocha look

So as everyone knows, we're currently in the middle of London Fashion Week!
I am very jealous of all the lucky bloggers that are there at the moment but am constantly keeping up with what's going on, the John Rocha show on today inspired me to do a post as I absolutely loved the make up look and it's so easy to achieve.
The simple use of silver shadow in the inner corners of the eye looked great with his collection, very subtle but effective, and perfect when it comes to this icy cold weather we have at the moment!

Here I picked out a few products on the market (all extremely cheap under £6!) that could be used to achieve this ice queen inspired look. You don't have to go quite as extreme as to wear the shadow and nothing else on the eye, but blended into the corners along with a bit of mascara will brighten up your eyes on a gloomy day!

What do you think of this look!?


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Friday, 14 February 2014

orange is the new black

Happy Valentine's to everyone! 
These photo's were taken today in the very wet, very cold rain! Luckily where I take them has got a little roof over it, so I didn't turn into a drowned rat but was pretty cold in the process, but seeing as every day recently it has been like this I'm going to have to suck it up!
So this outfit was very quickly put together, but looking at it now I really like it. The orange shirt I picked up at a charity shop for an orange themed photoshoot I was doing at the time, but I didn't end up using it and haven't worn it myself. I found it hiding at the back of my wardrobe and paired it with everything black, which I think works quite well.

Shirt - Charity Shop
Necklace - Topshop
Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Cardigan - Topshop 
Creepers - Primark 

Also as you can see I had my hair done yesterday, no roots...yay! And I braved having a fringe cut, I haven't had a fringe in years but I'm actually loving it! I wanted something new and I'm definitely pleased with how it turned out. 

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day!

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

hearts and kisses

So time for my final Valentines inspired mood board, I've covered the classics reds and pinks so I thought for this one I would go with the symbol most associated with Valentines, you guessed it.. 
All though this is themed around Valentines, all these pieces can be worn all year round, as we have seen the classic heart pattern on shirts, dresses etc, throughout all of last Autumn/Winter..
So here we go, take a look and all of the items I picked out will be linked below..


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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

paint it red

Hey everyone,
So in light of Valentine's Day this week here come's my second Valentine's inspired wish list, and as you can see today's colour is red!
Unfortunately I've not been able to blog for a few days as I've been stuck in bed all weekend with a horrible bug! I'm finally feeling a bit better today so thought it would be a good chance to put this together! All items are linked below...

I absolutely love the River Island oversized jacket, a bargain as it has been reduced!
Also a big fan of the Topshop ring. 

What's your favourite!?


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Thursday, 6 February 2014

floral bomber

Quick outfit of the day post! I brought this bomber jacket from Primark about a month or so ago but haven't got round to wearing it yet, I have to admit it's not warm enough to wear this just as a jacket at the moment, I'll definitely be wearing it a lot more when it gets warmer in spring, but it can easily be layered up underneath coats aswell. 
I clashed it with a snake skin shirt, but I always love combining different patterns together and I think these work well together. 

Bomber Jacket - Primark £15 (I think it may still be in stores at the moment)
Shirt - Charity shop
Necklace - Gift 
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Primark 

I have only just realised this whole outfit is pretty much all from Primark, plus a little charity shopping, but you can never go wrong with a few Primark bargains can you!


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

in the pink

So as everyone knows it's Valentines day soon, and as much as I'm not so keen on the whole hype about the day, it inspired me to do a series of valentine's inspired colour wishlist/moodboards! 
The first colour up is pink, I am not usually a pink sort of person, but I love the light pinks that are coming in for SS14...

I love the slipper shoes, they're such a bargain for £13.99. I also love the little gingham Topshop socks, I think these would look great paired with a pair of white trainers. All in all these bits have definitely turned my opinion around on pink and I will definitely be indulging in some pastel pinks for Spring/Summer!

What do you guys think of these bits?



Tuesday, 4 February 2014

handmade necklaces by katyfletcherdesigns

Hey everyone, 
Today's post features a variety of handmade necklace's, all designed and made by my sister Katy, who is currently in her final year at university studying Design Crafts. 
The triangles are made from scratch out of copper and enamel, and they are currently being sold in a boutique in Leicester called 'Watch This Space' retailing from £16.00 - £24.00

Here are three different designs from this collection.. 

The true colours of the necklaces came out slightly different in the light, but the other photos taken show them well!
I absolutely love these necklaces, they're so wearable and go with anything, plus there's always something more special about handmade jewellery!

To find out more please check out Katy's facebook page here



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