Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Lounge Slouch Flares

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has developed a huge love for flares over the past 6 months, and when you combine them with a pair of joggers/leggings, you have my new favourite thing. I had seen quite a few people with them but was unsure whether I could pull them off anyone sort of flares as they had originally reminded me of when I was 11 wearing ridiculously wide flared jeans from Tammy Girl.. Anyone else!?
Either way I was a little fed up with skinny style trousers in general so thought I'd give it a go, and definitely fell in love with these. When I first got them I'm pretty sure I wore them for a whole week straight... It's pretty rare I find clothes that are so comfortable at the same time as feeling fashionable, but it seems that lounge wear is a new trend and I am 100% a fan.
This pair were definitely a good introduction into the flared trousers for me as I have since bought a pair of high waisted flared jeans which will be up on the blog soon, I am officially converted!

Jumper - Topshop (similar here)
Jacket - New Look (similar here)
Necklace - Primark


Photos taken by Ella Rinder

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Bomber Jacket Wishlist

I am currently obsessed over bomber jackets and desperate to get one for spring but I am in a state of confusion over which one to get! There are too many amazing ones on the high street at the moment that I keep changing my mind every 5 minutes. I originally wanted to get a navy one as I think that's a really versatile colour but a bit more interesting than black, but after finding this selection I am unsure and even more confused! I really love the nude/pale pink jackets as well, which would be more suitable for when it's get warmer in the spring/summer.. and can we just acknowledge how amazing is the Missguided floral one is.
Basically I just love them all so please help a girl out and let me know which one you like best!?...

(Above images sourced from Pinterest)


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

2 Ways To Style The Adidas T-Shirt: Part One

One of the main elements of my personal style definitely has to be sports wear, so that's why I thought it was only right to start off my outfit posts with my latest purchase. I have wanted this black adidas top for a while now as I think it's a great, simple way of adding a sporty touch to any outfit. I was wandering around town and happened to walk past topshop to see this t-shirt in the window, safe to say I got far too excited and as it had just come in to the store I couldn't resist grabbing one as I knew it would probably be very popular. I'm definitely going to get a lot of wear out of it so I thought I would put together a 2 part post of 2 different ways to style it...

Here I have gone for quite a simple look, I think the logo speaks for itself in making the outfit a bit more interesting. I paired it with some loose black joggers, white nikes and a vintage jacket (it is actually my mum's from the 90's, the only hand me down I have managed to get my hands on after everything else was chucked.. something I'm slightly sad about!). 
I liked this all black look with the pop of colour, plus it was super comfy so is definitely an outfit you can lounge around in as well... a two in one!

T-Shirt - Topshop
Joggers - H&M 
Shoes - Nike Air Force/White
Jacket - Vintage


Photos taken by Ella Rinder

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

LFW A/W16: my favourite collections

With London Fashion Week now coming to a close, I have put together my favourite collections after keeping up with all the shows that have gone on over the weekend. As usual being a tad jealous of everyone that's been at LFW, I will get to go one day!...

Topshop Unique
Of course Topshop Unique had to be up there with my favourites, I always love looking at the collection they bring out every season. Vogue said they saw two different girls on the runway at this show, "the 'proper' girl, versus her naughtier, late-night alter-ego". I loved the colour palette here with the khaki's and mustard yellows, my favourite has to be the end right with those amazing flares and the ultimate leather jacket! 

David Koma
I've not actually seen a lot of David Koma before, but it caught my eye after seeing it posted on Instagram. It was very much a monochrome palette with hints of the bright royal blue, I love the second outfit here with the high polo neck. I also really love the simple embellishments on these outfits.

Mary Katranzou
Mary Katranzou has been one of my favourite designers for years and she has popped up constantly when I have done these posts in the past. I am always so drawn to interesting prints and patterns which is what her pieces are most known for, and yet again, this collection lived up to expectations. There was some really gorgeous prints on all sorts of silhouettes, I especially love the 2 dresses on the right, as well as the beautiful make up that accompanied these with a minimal eye and a dark bold lip - perfect for autumn/winter!

I really loved the layering in the Mulberry collection, there was so many different autumnal colours with little hints of the bright yellows and blues. There was so much to look at in this collection with the various textures, soft leathers and draping fabrics. I especially love the layering of the outfit on the far left, I need that jacket in my life!

I actually added this collection at the end after finishing my post, I found myself stumbling across the Burberry show on the Vogue site and as it's not a show that I would necessarily jump at the chance to look at, I was surprised when I found I absolutely loved this collection. Again, you can tell that I tend to love any sort of print on print, it had so many different colours, prints and silhouettes within it but they all connected in some way. The snakeskin print was a definite favourite and I am in love with that insane shearling coat! The boots are also amazing, carrying on the black fringing and snakeskin prints throughout.

Well, that concludes my favourite collections this season, maybe one day I'll be watching them live in action, but until then the internet is my trusty source!

What were your favourite collections at LFW?

Sunday, 21 February 2016

11 months on...

A little explanation...

Although it is more than likely that no one is actually reading this, due to the fact I haven't posted on here in almost a year. I wanted to do a quick intro post before I jump back in.
There isn't really a specific reason to why I stopped blogging, I guess I had a lot going on in my life at the time and blogging ended up taking a back seat, then forgotten about completely in the end. Looking back, I'm definitely annoyed with myself that I didn't try harder to get into the routine of keeping it up, it's something I really enjoyed but I am one of the critical ones and as soon as I stopped doing it I think I used the fact of comparing myself to others as a reason not to start it up again. I had plenty of time in the summer where I could of carried it on so it was silly of me not to but hey, these things happen and at the end of the day this is a hobby and something that can be picked up and slowed down whenever you want so I think I need to stop worrying so much.
I then started university in September, something that took up most of my time for last part of the year but I think I'm going to put up a separate post on all that.

Now, almost a whole year later, I am really wanting to get back into blogging again, purely for that fact that it is something I really enjoyed at one point, and secondly for the fact that as I am now studying a degree in fashion - it seems like the perfect thing to have on the side of that.
Even though I haven't been doing my own blog in the last year, I have still been following and reading all the blogs I follow and looking at others has definitely been one of the reasons that has inspired me to start up again.

So with a fresh start, of course, comes a fresh layout! Of course I had to go with Pipdig for my blog make over - their layouts are so professional and accessible plus so easy to install! After wanting one of their blog layouts for such a long time I am so excited to finally have it all in action. Obviously everything's still not quite right as all my content is very old, but give me a few weeks and I'm going to get it all in full swing.

I will stop rambling now as I said before, I'm unsure if anyone will actually read this! Either way, I am happy to be venturing back into the blogging community...

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