Saturday, 26 March 2016

3 Ways To Wear Flared Jeans: Part 2

The second instalment of 3 ways to wear these denim flares, next I went for a more casual, sportier look (of course...) with these trousers. This is quite a simple outfit but something I would definitely wear on a daily basis. This t-shirt was yet another bargain I got in the New Look sale, I love 90's inspired tops at the moment especially these tipped t-shirts... I also loved this colour as it's a little different and thought it would be perfect for summer. I put this with a basic batwing grey cardy and of course my trusty white nikes!

T-Shirt - New Look (similar below)
Jeans - New Look (similar here)
Cardigan - Primark 



Photos taken by Ella Rinder


Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner

First off, who wouldn't want their hair to smell like bananas? I'm pretty sure that's no one, unless you hate bananas... then it might be best to stop here. This gorgeous combination of banana puree and fair trade honey really is your hair's answer to heaven. For someone with a love of haircare products I couldn't wait to try both these products out, and they didn't disappoint. Of course everyone knows basically every Body Shop product is guaranteed to smell beautifully fruity and pretty much edible - this is definitely the case with these two! As well as smelling amazing in the shower, the scent actually stays on your hair once its dry as well...

For someone with very dry ends and oiler roots, I really like this conditioner and it isn't too thick so doesn't make my hair greasy, but is really nourishing and detangling on the ends of my hair. This was the same with the shampoo so they definitely compliment each other by using them together.
These are both available for £5 each here, I actually think this is very good value for a Body Shop product! They're decent sized bottles which I think would last quite a while as you don't need to use too much product at a time.

The smell of these definitely makes me ready for summer, they would be perfect products to take on holiday to give off that summer scent!

What's your favourite Body Shop product?


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Current Boohoo Picks

I was having a browse online this morning and after checking out Boohoo, I came across so many pieces that I loved that I decided to put together a wishlist. They have so many lovely bits for summer but as it is only just spring I decided to go for bits that would be perfect for that transitional stage. I am trying so hard to resist as being a student doesn't make it too easy to splurge on clothes but Boohoo has just made that very hard!...

Which item is your favourite?

Saturday, 19 March 2016

3 Ways To Wear Flared Jeans: Part 1

Polo Neck Jumper - Charity Shop 
Boots - Pubic Desire (faux suede version)

As I have said before, I never thought I would be one to pull off a pair of flared trousers, it's only been within the last few months that I decided to brave it with flared leggings and after falling in love with them I decided to go for it and try some flared jeans as well. I actually came across these in the January sales on the New Look website for £8!? Such a bargain!
Once again, I am now in love with them - I'm pretty sure I'm starting to prefer flared jeans to skinny jeans.
So I thought I would put together 3 different looks of ways you can wear them...

Here I have gone for a more classic, winter inspired look, as it is still chilly you can still very much get away with a polo neck. I paired this with some pointed boots from Public Desire, the leather version aren't available but the faux suede are so check them out! I felt this was quite a sophisticated look for me as I know I am seen in trainers most of time, but I really liked it and it's definitely something I'll be wearing again.

Stay tuned for 2 more looks featuring these jeans coming soon...


Photos taken by Ella Rinder

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Shopping Haul: My Latest Purchases

There is nothing better than a bit of retail therapy to cheer a girl up. Last week I had quite a stressful week with various uni deadlines so decided that spending some money and treating myself was the answer! I thought I would share my purchases with you... 

I don't think anyone will be surprised by that fact I bought a bomber jacket... it had been number one on my shopping list for a while now so when I was in New Look and this was hanging on the last chance to buy rail in my size... I couldn't really say no! If that's not a sign then what is!?
I originally wanted a darker colour but I decided to go for this as I fancied something lighter for spring/summer - this colour is so versatile and considering I've worn it most days since I bought it, I have a feeling I'm definitely going to get my moneys worth.

Fluffy Maroon Cardigan - H&M *SALE*
This cardigan was in the sale at a complete bargain of £7! I couldn't resist it's fluffiest with the deep maroon shade. I can't wait to wear this as more of a jacket when it starts getting warmer. Unfortunately I couldn't find this online but they had loads in the store so it's most likely they're still in the in store sales!
Knitted Midi Stripe Dress - H&M *SALE*
Possibly THE hardest dress to photograph... I know, I know that obviously this is one of those that looks far better on the body than off it. But as I wanted to do a haul post I couldn't not include it. I'll definitely be doing an outfit post with this. It is out of my normal comfort zone, I haven't ever had a knitted dress so I liked how this could be worn in the transition of winter to spring. I also loved the striped detailing, I was undecided over whether to buy it but I decided to be brave and again, was in the sale for only £15.

Again, another hard item to photograph but I tried my best! I've always absolutely love culottes on other people but I have never been brave enough to wear them myself...but I decided to try this on to see after falling in love with the stripes. I really loved this one I had it on and after a lot of convincing from Ella... I was persuaded! You can see what it looks like on here on instagram. I am so excited to wear this as I think it'll be great for a casual day outfit as well as an evening night out, either way I am now fully on the culottes bandwagon.
 Black Maxi Cardigan - Charity Shop
If you saw my last post then you will of seen the maxi black cardigan I stole off my friend and photographer Ella, after wearing it I was so set on getting my own! The first shop we went into was of course a charity shop, I am a sucker for a bargain, and I spotted this gem. Again, fate or what!?
It's much thinner than Ella's Primark one but will be perfect for summer. I am so pleased with this as it's such a lovely shape on the body, and at the price of £5 you can't go wrong!
 Stripe T-Shirt - Charity Shop
First off, I apologise for how creased this top is - when you live in university halls, ironing goes out the window! Either way another absolute bargain at £2.50, this t-shirt had to be bought! I am just obsessed with stripes especially with the navy, light blue and red - this one definitely has that 90's vibe.

Trainers, Belt and Sunglasses - Primark
The last bits I purchased were a few essentials from Primark. Well, I know trainers aren't exactly essentials but these ones were on sale for £5 so I couldn't resist! I loved these nude sunglasses as well I thought they'd be perfect now the sun has started shining.

All in all, I spent a little bit more than I probably should of, but I'm sure you'll agree I got so many great bargains on this shopping trip! So it doesn't feel quite so bad. Retail therapy really is the best medicine!

What's your favourite item?


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Black and White Stripes

Dressing for comfort has to be my favourite thing. Although I love making an effort with what I wear, if it looks nice at the same time as being ridiculously comfortable - that is a win win for me.
This outfit had to be up there with this, it's definitely one of those looks where you question whether I am wearing pyjamas or normal clothes but that's what I love about it.
I absolutely love these striped trousers from New Look, again, so so comfy but secondly, anything with stripes and I'm a fan.
This super long and cosy maxi cardigan was lent to me by my lovely friend and amazing photographer Ella, wearing it made me want one so much that I actually managed to find my own in a charity shop a few days later! So Ella, I won't be stealing it again don't worry!
This is one of my favourite looks so far and something I'll definitely be wearing again...

Cardigan - Primark
Necklace - Handmade by Katy Fletcher


Photos taken by Ella Rinder

Friday, 11 March 2016

The Nude Trainers Wishlist

I'm sure I'm not the only one thats noticed what a huge trend the colour Nude has been over the last year. Whether it's been clothes, accessories or in this case, footwear - it has been definitely become hugely popular in fashion. For someone who originally went more towards colour and pattern, I am loving the all nude and monochrome looks more and more recently, and am desperate to add a few more additions to my wardrobe! I'm going to put up a few more wishlists within the next few weeks for this...

But of course, me being me, my first go to item was a pair of trainers. I think it's clear from my outfit posts that trainers are pretty much always my footwear of choice! I am after a new pair and am so in love with the lighter shades in time for summer - especially the nude, grey and camel shades that have come up recently. So here I have made a little wishlist of the nude trainers I have seen recently and am loving. My favourite has to be the pair of New Balance, they are just the perfect shade in my opinion - they are on the pricier side of New Balance but I am so so tempted to treat myself.
Although they are on the pinker side, as you can see all the colours do tend to vary, I also love the River Island plimsoles - a great cheaper option!

What do you think of the nude trainer?


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

2 Ways To Style The Adidas T-Shirt: Part Two

So here is my second way to style up my new Adidas t-shirt, as I said in my last post its a new favourite of mine so I couldn't resist spreading it out between 2 posts. I have gone for a sporty look again as you can't really go any other way with Adidas, but instead this time I have paired it with a pair of Mom jeans, a checked duster coat and yes, another pair of nikes!
I really liked this look and can't wait to get this duster coat out again soon if only it got slightly warmer...I woke up to snow 2 days ago!? I am far too ready for spring.

I know these trainers are very much a summery colour, but I just love them too much to wait until the then. I never know quite what colour to call them - they are in between a mint green and a turquoise but help me out on the name of that!? I can't remember what they were called online and I've tried my best but I can't find any available anywhere now so I've linked a few similar below. Hopefully they'll bring these out again!

I am writing this post in between juggling 2 coursework deadlines so I'm slightly stressed to say the least! Now I'm back to blogging I definitely need to start organising my time better... (if I ever decide to start listening to own advice!) but for now it's back to work...

Jeans - H&M (similar here)
Duster Coat - Spitalfields Market, London
Trainers - Nike 


Photos taken by Ella Rinder

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Teddy Coat

Seeing as this weather doesn't seem to be getting any warmer, a winter coat is still very much needed! I was desperate for a new one once it started to get colder and I actually got this one a few months back at the end of last year, it has been worn so much since then and is now a staple piece in my winter wardrobe! A teddy coat has to be my all time favourite as they are super warm and cosy but have been on trend year after year. When I saw this one on Missguided for just £35 (now reduced to £30!) I thought it was such good value for a winter coat as I'm not one to usually spend about £80 on one so I just had to get it - it is so versatile as camel really does go with anything. I have a feeling I'm going to continue getting a lot of wear out of this if the weather keeps up!..

Skirt - Miss Selfridge (similar here)
Boots - New Look (similar here)
Necklace - Primark


Photos taken by Ella Rinder
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