Thursday, 7 July 2016

Dreaming Of Festivals

Every summer it feels like I am dreaming of attending a festival and some how I've never ended up going. No, I have never been to a festival... something I am embarrassed to admit and am really hoping to change! This summer it is a case of the small amount of money I have going towards a holiday instead of a festival but I am determined next summer will be my time! Until then I am still a huge fan of festival wear and still love to dress like I could be dancing along to Coldplay at Glastonbury, sad but true!
I've layered up an outfit here based around this H&M dress, a really versitile piece that I think would be perfect for either a festival or a holiday. I may have gone a bit festival crazy here with the sunnies, cowboy boots and fedora hat, but what the hell!
Sometimes you have to go all out.

Dress - H&M 
Belt - Primark 
Boots - Public Desire 
Denim Jacket & Choker - Topshop
Sunglasses & Hat - Primark


Monday, 4 July 2016

Taking The Plunge And Cutting Your Hair Short

Over the years I have tried desperately to grow my hair to that long and luscious length that you see all over Pinterest, thinking that I would never suit short hair, but having been blonde for years and with naturally very fine hair - this felt like trying to achieve the impossible. I started wearing extensions to get the thick and voluminous look which I loved, but being a person that doesn't take a huge amount of time doing their hair, I found this pretty high maintenance to keep up and would pretty much only wear them for a special occasion or a night out. After my hair recently reached almost below the boobs length I was starting to get excited about how long it had got, but I soon realised that the actual hair that was reaching this length was so thin that it didn't really look all that long. My hair was becoming harder to style and was at that stage where there was not a lot I could do with it as I just couldn't achieve that long, wavy style that I wanted.
Over the space of a week I started to think about potentially cutting it shorter, but in my back of my mind I was worrying over whether it would be one of those moments that you totally regret cutting your hair and you're willing it to grow back.
After a few days of uming and ahing over it I decided to just go for it and take the plunge, and I am so pleased I did. I feel like my hair has a new lease of life and is SO much easier to style now it is shorter. I actually cut my hair myself as I used to study hairdressing when I was younger so felt it was something I could do myself (I wouldn't recommend this if you haven't cut hair before though!) and luckily it didn't turn out too bad!
I never ever used to wear my hair straight as it just didn't sit right but with this shorter style I am loving a straighter look, it's been great being able to try something new. The main point is how much thicker my hair is, the ends are the same thickness as the roots which is great when it comes to styling as well as how much better condition my hair looks overall. I am going to be putting a post up very soon on the products I have been using on my hair to improve its condition.

I am actually considering going a few inches shorter and going for the 'lob' because, why the hell not!?
Let me know what you think!


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